ONEIDNET was founded as a VC LLC by its President in 2014. ONEIDNET is structured to account for 20 Divisions to manage and operate the System.
The ONEIDNET founder, in 2008 set out to resolve the following discrepancies currently affecting the performance of the Internet: Why are people wasting so much time on the Internet without any productivity? Is it possible to make a system that will allow people to socialize and at the same time utilize their time in a productive manner? Could a system be made that includes personal and professional activities? Why do people have over 20 different IDs and passwords? People constantly have to recover their passwords, why? Why do people have to go to multiple websites on the internet to get what they need? Could it be possible to make an Internet System where people only need one ID and password? One Internet System where people get everything they need from one place? One Internet System that gives to people instead of taking from them the little they have?
After extensive analysis, evaluation, considerations, financial constraints, answering all the questions and formidable obstacles, the founder came up with the concept/idea of ONEIDNET, which with it became a real Internet System. A System where people can do everything they need all in one place without having to go to multiple websites. A beautifully integrated Internet System where there are no limits for the user to grow
The Company partners serve as the General Assembly for ONEIDNET and functions as a commercial entity. Additionally, the Company is vested with a General Monitoring Council, which ensures that all Company activities are being performed according to commercial law.
The Company is structured with the following departments:
  • 1.Administration
  • 2.Operations
  • 3. Logistics.
  • 4.Engineering
  • 5.Research and Development
  • 6.Laboratories
  • 7.Technology
  • 8.Accounting and Finance
  • 9.Human Resources
  • 10.Contracting
Each one of the ONEIDNET System Modules is headed by a Module Director, in which the individual is responsible for all activities designated to their respective System Module. All other departments are headed by Company Department Directors. Vice Presidents are assigned to cover geographical areas.