The moment the user starts using the ONEIDNET System, Modules and Services, the user is trusting us with his/her data content.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is for the ONEIDNET Internet System users to understand what user content we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with user content we collect, together with information about personal, professional and business transactions. Please take the time to read this policy carefully because it is very important. The ONEIDNET System provides the user with ways to protect the user’s privacy and security through their account options.
There are different Modules in the ONEIDNET System providing several services to search for and share information, to communicate with other people or to create new content, to make business transactions, to provide professional and personal information, etc. One way the user shares information with us is by creating a ONEIDNET Account, in this way ONEIDNET can make our Services to the user faster, easier and better, especially the Services our users get free of charge. Some of our services to the user include, providing cyber space for users to register and establish their own stores, providing cyber space for users to establish and register their offices, providing the most advanced system for users to get jobs through the cv bank, video and voice communication, e-mail services, traveling services, marketing and advertising services, professional network, social network, popularity network, video and music upload and download, news, internet tv services, shipping services, a direct access ONEIDNET staff network, and a search engine that shows relevant results to users in every possible search area over the internet, to show the user more relevant search results, to help the user connect with people, groups of people, businesses, government, companies, and connect with their own system and their own network or to make sharing and doing business with others quicker and easier. ONEIDNET wants its users to on how we use their information and how much we care about protecting the users’ privacy, data and the protection of their overall ONEIDNET Personal Internet System.
What data is provided by users to ONEIDNET and why it is provided, how ONEIDNET uses the data. The Modules we offer in the Internet System, including how to access and update the users’ data.
The ONEIDNET users’ privacy, data and protection of these is one of the top priorities for ONEIDNET so whether the user is new to ONEIDNET or the user has now been using our Internet System for a long time, please take the time to get to know our privacy policies and how much the users are protected. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
ONEIDNET collects information from the Internet System enable us to provide better Modules and Services to all of our users. ONEIDNET wants to provide our users with the best possible services from basic social clicks, to what type of job a user wants, to helping users in setting up their own business, to dealing directly with any company across the world. The things that users need the most, all available in one system, what music and videos users might like, and every service our System Modules provide are all made possible when ONEIDNET utilizes the information we collect to serve people in the best way possible.
Regarding the information users provide to ONEIDNET, users require only one ONEIDNET account to use all of our Services in our Modules. Once a user signs up and registers for a ONEIDNET account, we will forward an e-mail to the user within the System, which will instruct for the user to go to their NetPro Module to complete the user’s ONEIDNET profile, completing the user’s NetPro profile will ensure that the user is able to use all the System Modules immediately. All Modules are automatically connected and interfaced with the information provided when completing the NetPro profile, thus populating the entire System. When users go to complete their NetProl profile, we’ll request for personal information, like user’s name, telephone number or credit card information to store with the user’s account. We will also request information like professional history, such as professional degrees, identifications, registrations, licenses, etc. These are used for the System to function in being able to verify credentials and qualifications for jobs by Companies through the Corporate Office Module for example.
ONEIDNET collects information about the Modules and Services that the user uses and how the user uses them, like when the user uploads or creates a new cv, or visits the system to open a new store, or takes time to share something in their social network, or the user opens an office on behalf of the company he/she works for are just some of the ways we interact with the System users to better provide our services through our System Modules.
ONEIDNET will require to associate the user’s ONEIDNET account with the devices he/she uses to log into the System. The type of information we will collect from the user’s devices may include hardware model number, type of operating system and version, device identifiers, phone number if the device is for making phone calls, service provider, etc.
When the user uses our System, Modules and Services or views and utilizes content provided by ONEIDNET, we automatically collect and store the user’s log information in server
ONEIDNET will access the user’s location when the user is using our System, Modules and Services. We may collect and process information about your actual location by use of technologies to determine location, IP address, and other identifiers that may provide ONEIDNET with information on nearby equipment for internet access, access points and service towers.
ONEIDNET uses various technologies to collect and store information when the user visits the ONEIDNET Internet System, Modules and Service, and this may include using cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or device. Our ONEIDNET automatic analysis helps users and businesses owners analyze the traffic, content, data, activity, transactions to their social networks, professional networks, stores, offices, etc.
Information we collect when the user is signed in to his/her ONEIDNET System and Modules is associated with the user’s ONEIDNET account. Information associated with the user’s ONEIDNET account is treated as personal and professional information.
ONEIDNET uses the information collected in our Internet System to provide, maintain, protect and improve the Modules and Services for the user, to develop new ones, and to protect ONEIDNET and our users. We also use information to provide the user with a personalized Internet System. An Internet personalized System is a System that provides the user with only the Internet content he/she wants and give the user control of their system.
ONEIDNET uses the name the user provides when the user first signs up and registers in the System. This name is used across all the System Modules and Services we offer through the user’s ONEIDNET account. In other words, the user name the user selects will be used for their personal and social activities as well as their business and professional ones. It is extremely important to choose a professional name for the user’s ONEIDNET profile. The user will have the ability to not broadcast their social activities to certain users, groups, companies or not make their social activities public at all.
Through the user’s ONEIDNET Account, we will display the user’s Profile name, Profile photo(s), and actions the user takes on the ONEIDNET System, Modules and Services, so keep in mind that the user’s Profile information is used across the entire ONEIDNET platform and this will be displayed in personal, business, commercial, professional, social and worldwide contexts. We will respect the choices the user makes to provide suitable visibility settings for the user’s ONEIDNET ONEIDNET.
One of ONEIDNET’s top priorities is to be clear about the information we collect from our users and to assure our users that no one moral entity or physical entity will have access to their private information, including our ONEIDNET policy to not under any circumstances allow access to any government whether local, national or international, to our user’s private information. This is so that the user can make meaningful choices when they are using the System, Modules and Services and to feel completely free and assured that their information is safe with ONEIDNET.
The System user is able to view and edit his/her preferences in each System Module as designed for the users to manage their own preferences and settings with categories that interests each specific user. The user also chooses how they want to see marketing and advertising as he/she wants to manage and maintain each Module in their System.
The user is also able to change the appearances of the Modules and how his/her Profile for each Module appears to others.
The user may at his/her discretion arrange, rearrange and pin the Modules in their System in order to personalize the ONEIDNET Internet System according to his/her needs. Additionally, the user may minimize the Modules to bar size, enlarge the Modules to be able to view single broadcasts, while the Modules are not active, they will still continue to broadcast and the Module, which the user selects will appear in the center window to be the active Module the user will be working on.
The user will choose in each Module if he/she wants their profile for that Module to be public or private and what content he/she wants to appear in the System or in each individual Module.
The use of cookies in the ONEIDNET Internet System is the standard use across the World Wide Web, where the cookies associated with the System and the Modules are logged and set in the user’s browsing equipment, this is order to make our Services run faster and better in the user’s browsing equipment. Cookies are very important in order for the ONEIDNET Internet System to remember the user’s System and Modules preferences.
All the ONEIDNET Internet System Modules allows the user to share different types of information with other users, stores, agents, companies, government offices, and several different types of entities. It is crucial to keep in mind that when the user makes their information public in the ONEIDNET Internet System, not only will his/her friends in their social networks will be able to see his/her posting and content, but also businesses, companies, employers, store managers, and other professional networks will be able to see the public content, which is the reason why our Internet System provides the user with different options for managing his/her content according to each System Module settings.
When the user is using our ONEIDNET Internet System our goal is to provide the user with quick access to all their personal and professional information. In the event that a user or multiple users input the wrong information, the System provides ways for the user to update or delete his/her information quickly. We will maintain the user information when we use it for legitimate business or legal purposes. When the user enters his/her personal and professional information the System will ask the user to verify their identity before posting certain information and documentation in their ONEIDNET account.
ONEIDNET will reject requests that are unreasonable, illegal, repetitive, technically impractical, privacy risks, or excessively affecting the functionality, effectiveness and efficiency of the System and Modules.
One of ONEIDNET’s top priorities is to protect information from accidental and/or malicious destruction, this is why when a user deletes information from our ONEIDNET Internet System and Services, the information may not be deleted immediately from our servers and backup systems. There are a lot of services that ONEIDNET provides to its users free of charge and updating, maintaining and operating the personalized Internet System for every ONEIDNET user is part of our free services unless disproportionate efforts to provide any of the free services in our ONEIDNET Internet System.
The user’s personal and professional information will only be shared to the companies, organizations, physical entities and other users the user decides to share it with through each one of the System Modules. No ONEIDNET’s personnel as it is ONEIDNET’s policy to completely safeguard the users’ information is authorized to share any ONEIDNET data with any one entity, whether local, national or international, physical person or moral entity and in particular to any government entity under any circumstances without exception.
In cases where the ONEIDNET account is managed by an account administrator, for example, in One Shop or in Corporate Office as the managers of the Store or the Office, then the administrator who provides user support to the user’s employer will have access to the user’s ONEIDNET account information including all Modules’ data. In this case, the user should specify between the administrator and the user what type of information will be accessed by the administrator in the user’s ONEIDNET account. Only the user can grant access to administrators into their ONEIDNET accounts.
ONEIDNET does not provide users’ personal or professional information to third parties, trusted businesses or persons for any reason or under any circumstances. According to ONEIDNET’s Privacy Policy the users’ information will strictly be handled only by ONEIDNET personnel who will keep users’ information safe and secure.
We at ONEIDNET may modify agreements and related ONEIDNET policies from time to time, herein after known as (“Revisions”) by posting these Revisions in the ONEIDNET Internet System, Modules and Services at
The Revisions are effective immediately upon posting in the ONEIDNET System. Users and Organizations will receive notice of the Revisions(s) in the next applicable monthly invoice. Users and Organizations will then have up to thirty (30) calendar days from the invoice notice of such Revisions to provide ONEIDNET with written notice that the Revisions adversely affect the user’s or organization’s use of the Service(s).
If after the notice issued by ONEIDNET through our Internet System, we are able to verify such adverse effect, but are unable to reasonably mitigate the Revision’s impact on such Services, the user or organization may terminate the impacted Service(s) without further obligation to ONEIDNET beyond the date of payment of the user or organization’s due amounts, including Termination Charges, if any. This shall be the user or organization sole and exclusive remedy.
Every Customer shall submit to ONEIDNET a properly completed and signed Service Contract to initiate Services on a ONEIDNET Internet System Module. A Service Contract shall become binding on the parties when (i) it is specifically accepted by ONEIDNET either electronically or in writing, (ii) ONEIDNET begins providing the Services described in the Service Contract or (iii) ONEIDNET takes any action towards the commencement of the specific Service described in the Service Contract. When a Service Contract becomes effective it shall be deemed part of, and shall be subject to, the Agreement. This is the Service Contract General Agreement, specific Service Contract Terms are executed between the parties for each System Module and Service.
Upon the instance when the Service Contract becomes binding on the parties, ONEIDNET shall notify the user or the organization that the Services are available for use, and the date of such notice shall be called the “Service Commencement Date.” Any failure or refusal on the part of the user or organization to be ready to receive the Services on the Service Commencement Date shall not relieve the user or organization of its obligation to pay applicable Service charges.
ONEIDNET Services are provided according to the Internet System Specific Module Services, for most System Modules, ONEIDNET’s service is as a “Service Vehicle” and ONEIDNET is not the physical or moral entity actually performing the commercial, business or professional services transactions, which are specific activities of the user or the organization, for example, in the System One Shop Module, ONEIDNET is not the physical entity that actually sells or purchases products or services in the One Shop Stores, these activities are actually performed by the user or organization, which owns the particular Store. ONEIDNET performs as a “Service Vehicle” for users or organizations to sell and purchase in One Shop. ONEIDNET charges a percentage for each sale from the Store Owner(s) and a monthly fee to maintain and operate his/her store.
The user or the organization must complete a Module Service specific Service Contract to execute a binding agreement specific for that Service, which will become part of this General Service Contract Agreement.
ONEIDNET shall have no obligation or responsibility for the user and/or organization personal, business, commercial or professional transactions that are not part of any executed and signed agreement between ONEIDNET and any user and/or organization party. Users and/or organizations perform activities, actions and transactions through the ONEIDNET Internet System that are the sole responsibility of that user and/or organization. For example, the selling of products or services in One Shop, or the recruitment of a candidate in Corporate Office, or company’s video interviews of candidates in VCom, and many of the specific services under each System Module.
Users and/or organizations are responsible for all charges applicable to the different tiers or services provided in each specific System Module, including but not limited to, maintenance, operation, specific service charge, package or (level) of service charge, all applicable fees, taxes, and other worldwide service charges.
The Module used for the ONEIDNET System Administration is “One Network,” this is the designated and only Module that will handle all Service Contract Agreements, whether General or Specific, if the agreements are not executed through the One Network Module it is not valid and not enforceable. Users and/or organizations use the same ID and password throughout the ONEIDNET Internet System, so by using the System, each user and/or organization is already able to contact the personnel of One Network directly through our customer support vehicles specified in every Module and in One Network.